Please be warned that Ovid’s Metamorphoses draws heavily on elements of Greek and Roman mythology that might be shocking to modern audiences.  It is my stated goal to rely as faithfully as possible on the original poem, and thus my rule is: “if Ovid says it, I will write and it, and if he describes it, I will draw it”.  Much of the material in this comic will not be considered appropriate for persons under the age of 18, and reader discretion is advised.  Controversial and potentially offending subjects include, but are not necessarily limited to: war, blood, gore, graphic wounds, graphic killing and maiming of humans and animals, executions, suicide, infanticide, patricide, matricide, fratricide, mutilation, cannibalism, autophagia, beatings, torture, SEVERAL instances of rape; incest, pedophilia, generally lewd acts, and at least one guy who gets the flesh stripped from his body while he is still alive, conscious and narrating his thoughts on the process while it happens.  There will also be sex, nudity and some swearing (as if it makes any difference at this point).

Bascially, I take no responsibility for the content, or any offense it might cause.  Try to keep an open mind, remember that morality is essentially relative, and have fun reading!

As for copyright stuff, all comics and associated content are copyrighted to me unless otherwise noted.  I am keeping a bibliography of scholarly works and other publications I cite; this should point to copyright information for them.