Hello all!

Tuesday was my birthday!  To celebrate, I made a cake… but not just any cake!  I made one in the shape of the Mausoleum of Augustus to mark the coincidence of my 25th birthday and the 2,000th anniversary of the death of Rome’s first emperor (both on August 19th this year).  Cake decorating is a keen hobby of mine, and even influences my comics style to a certain degree (you’ll notice I favour broad blocks of colour over shading, gradients and colour burns).  Check out the cake, along with my musings on Augustus at Res Gerendae, using this link: http://resgerendae.wordpress.com/2014/08/21/august-19th-birthdaydeathday/

If you haven’t yet, you should definitely start reading Res Gerendae.  It’s the semi-official blog for post-graduates at the Faculty of Classics of the University of Cambridge.  It’s full not only of interesting tid-bits on the research being done here, but also fun and funny entries on everything from cakes, to comics, to Lego, to classics zombies!  They were also kind enough to link this very comic way back when we started out!  Thanks, Res Gerendae!