Hey all,

So, you can probably guess I’m not gonna get a page up this week.  I’m sorry, but I tried and just had too much real life work to do: I’m presenting on Juvenal 9 to the Literature Seminar here at the Classics Faculty next week.  Since I don’t work on Juvenal usually, it’s been a bit of a struggle to play catch up (although now, I’m enjoying his poetry, to be honest – well, at least the few bits that aren’t horrendously homophobic).  At any rate, sorry again, and please accept this filler as humble compensation for your wait: it’s a drawing I did for a fellow Ovidian scholar’s birthday present, depicting Ovid as a rapper.  Since the word “rap” has its origins in the “rhapsody”, it makes sense in a round-about way.


Until next week,

Charlie x